The Truth Will Out

It’s a shame that a few people ruin something good. The ones doing the act,plus the ones who cover it up. If you watch then you are a participant.Unless you stop the flow.Then you can be a hero.

This had gone on for sometime. Hidden under the carpet amongst the dust particles in hope that it will stay there.We all are Gods eyes that are watching for the good and the truth. Let us do the right thing when we hear of the bad.Let us not ignore what we hear or see.

My Days Journey Of freedom

My head feels like it is in a clamp.Closing in on my emotional ride up and down rollercoaster road .Untangled from the last few months are the attachments I have created for my own holding on to all in the past. Losing my self worth and my identity of truth. I have completely lost my futuristic self of what I need to do.

Where do I go from here? Maybe melody street,which is just around the corner. I can hear some music going on at melody street. What a street, there are bars with music going on. One place has soul music with some blues going on in the beat.Wow this is great,just as I said that my mate brad walked in. Hi I said with my head in a spin. We are having a great time and drinking bloody Mary’s. We then decided we had a great night and it was time to go home to Bedfordshire. As we were walking home,we found some homeless people on a bench. So we stopped had a chat about how life has some rocky roads that can be a bit dark, out of nowhere we heard a bark. It was billy Dodds dog who was a bit lost. We manage to grab billy Dodds dog who was lost and we took him home.

Finally I am at home in my bed with my wife and my daughter who has crept in with wifey. I kiss them both on the cheek without waking them up. I fall asleep and all is well.

This was what happened on my day of lost souls.Where I finally relinquished control to God. Thank you for my journey.